New academic journal: Annals of the Fondazione Luigi Einaudi

Annals of the Fondazione Luigi Einaudi. An Interdisciplinary Journal of Economics, History and Political Science is a new, peer-reviewed academic journal aiming to promote interdisciplinarity as a method of scientific inquiry and a highly relevant issue in social sciences. The Annals, which publish two issues per year, aim at facilitating communication and encouraging cross-fertilization of ideas among both established international scholars and younger scholars working in the field of history, economics, political science and other social disciplines. 
Its first, just published issue, “Keynes’s Relevance to the Contemporary World. Eighty Years since The General Theory”, summer 2017) explores John Maynard Keynes’s legacy (social philosophy and method; insights for the management of domestic economies; suggestions of global reform) at a time of profound crisis for both the global economy and economics as discipline. 
Contributors include Jörg Bibow, Anna Carabelli, Mario Cedrini, Emanuele Citera, Peter Clarke, John Davis, Sheila Dow, Luca Fantacci, Roberto Marchionatti, Paolo Paesani, Kurt von Seekamm, Robert Skidelsky, Dario Togati, and David Vines. 
The Publisher, Olschki, is pleased to grant free access to the article “J.M. Keynes, The Modernity of an Un-Modern Economist” (by A. Carabelli, M. Cedrini and R. Marchionatti). 
The second issue of the Annals (“Reconstruction in Europe, 100 Years Later”, winter 2017) aims at investigating the “reconstruction” made necessary by the current European – financial, economic, industrial and political – crisis. 
Contributors include Michael Ambrosi, Giuseppe Bertola, Marco Bresciani, Tiziana Caponio, Peter Clarke, Luca Einaudi, Maurizio Ferrera, Jan Kregel, Lucia Quaglia, Francesco Saraceno, Mario Telò, Vittorio Valli.
All interested scholars are invited to submit their original research articles (as well as book reviews and proposals for special issues) to the Annals (instructions). 
EDITORS: Francesco Cassata, Mario Cedrini, Roberto Marchionatti
Book Review Editor: Paolo Silvestri
Editorial board: Brigitte Bechtold, John Davis, Mario Del Pero, Sheila Dow, Luca Einaudi, Matthew Evangelista, Stefano Fiori, Philippe Fontaine, Alan Kirman, Jonathan Kirshner, Suzanne Konzelmann, Jan Kregel, Sara Lorenzini, Caterina Marchionni, Marguerite Mendell, Hirokazu Miyazaki, Manuela Moschella, José Antonio Ocampo, Ugo Panizza, Lucia Quaglia, Sophus Reinert, Margaret Schabas, Ilana Silber, Paolo Soddu, Joseph Straus, Adam Tooze
Editorial assistants: Amalia De Luigi, Guido Mones.
Publisher: Olschki

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