CFP: Boom, Bust, and Beyond: New Perspectives on the 1719-20 Stock Euphoria – Deadline: 7 January 2018


We are inviting papers for the conference Boom, Bust, and Beyond: New Perspectives on the 1719-20 Stock Euphoria that will take place at the University of Tübingen on 11-13 April 2018, as part of the program of the Collaborative Research Center (923) “Threatened Order – Societies under Stress”.

The conference aims to bring together scholars working on the many aspects of the 1719-20 stock euphoria. It will provide a forum for discussing recent and ongoing research.

CFP deadline: 7 January 2018

To submit a paper, please send an abstract and your CV to Daniel Menning,

Organizing committee: Stefano Condorelli (Bern), Renate Dürr (Tübingen), and Daniel Menning (Tübingen).

Confirmed participants: Michael Aldous (Belfast), Farid Azfar (Swarthmore), Rik Frehen (Tiburg), Malick Ghachem (MIT), Emiel Jerphanion (Tilburg), Marlene Kessler (Tübingen), Richard Kleer (Regina), Inger Leemans (Amsterdam), Anne Murphy (Hertfordshire), Arnaud Orain (Paris), Eve Rosenhaft (Liverpool), Rafael Streib (Tübingen), Abigail Swingen (Texas), Francois Velde (Chicago), Hans-Joachim Voth (Zurich), Lina Weber (Amsterdam), Koji Yamamoto (Tokyo), Christine Zabel (Duisburg-Essen).

Funds will be available for covering travel and accommodation expenses.

Papers will be pre-circulated before the conference, with the objective of publishing them afterwards in an edited volume.


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