Low Countries Financial History Workshop 2019

7 June 09:30 – 17:00 
NIAS, Sint Jorishof 
Conference room
By invitation

Aim of workshop

In a century characterised to date by economic uncertainty, bubbles and crashes, the field of financial history has moved from being a purely academic pursuit, to one with significant societal relevance.

Financial history is already interdisciplinary in that it brings together economists and historians based at universities. Now these academics hope to bring a third group into the fold: practitioners based at regulators, central banks, banking corporations and other financial services.

The workshop is an opportunity for academics from universities across the Netherlands and Belgium to discuss their research. Presenters include both junior and senior scholars. All will present work-in-progress that has yet to be published in academic journals.


Registration & coffee

Entrepreneurship and war risk: Evidence from the Second Industrial Revolution
Presentation: Marc Deloof (Antwerpen)
Co-authors: Leentje Moortgat (Antwerpen) and Gertjan Verdickt (Antwerpen)

Persistence of dividend policy: Long-run evidence
Presentation: Leentje Moortgat (Antwerpen)
Co-authors: Jan Annaert (Antwerpen) and Marc Deloof (Antwerpen)

Orphan chambers in the Dutch East Indies
Presentation: Josje Schnitzeler (Utrecht)


Housing booms and safe asset demand: The Amsterdam housing market, 1582-1810
Presentation: Matthijs Korevaar (Maastricht)

From over the counter to open outcry: The evolution of Amsterdam securities trading, 1710s-1820s
Presentation: Joost Jonker (UvA/IISG)
Co-authors: Oscar Gelderblom (Utrecht) and Christiaan van Bochove (Nijmegen)

Coffee break

Stock markets as affective economies: Organizing desire at the Amsterdam exchange
Presentation: Inger Leemans (VU/Huygens ING)

The rise and remarkable persistence of small loan banks in the Netherlands, 1850-1950
Presentation: Amaury de Vicq (Utrecht)
Co-author: Christiaan van Bochove (Nijmegen)

Going Dutch: The management on monetary policy in the Netherlands during the interwar gold standard
Presentation: Philip Fliers (Queen’s)
Co-author: Chris Colvin (Queen’s/NIAS-KNAW)

Reception at the “NIAS Fellows’ House” (3 minutes from NIAS-KNAW)
(Address: Kloveniersburgwal 23, 1011 JV Amsterdam)

Dinner (TBC)

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