CFP: Special Issue on “Long-run financial stability and moments of crisis in Iberoamerica” – ODEON

The literature on long-run financial stability has focused majorly on developed financial markets because of the abundance of data. As an example, the Macrohistory database which is a reference in this strand of literature is restricted to 17 developed economies and does not include any Latin American country. On occasion, authors like Bordo or Eichengreen have included Brazil, Chile or Argentina in their research. These articles, however, are the exception rather than the rule.

However, conclusions from those studies have been generalised, under the assumption that they apply to other countries, even if they were not included in the database from which they originated. Consequently, under scenarios of heightened financial instability or crisis, policymakers in Latin America, Asia or Africa have put forward policies and adjustment programs that do not account for their countries’ specificities.

This special issue of Journal ODEON (Observatory on Economy and Numerical Operations) is aimed at gathering articles that deal with matters of long-run financial stability or particular crises episodes in Iberoamerican countries. Articles that deal with Asia, Africa or Oceania will not be considered for this issue but may be included in future issues of the journal. We are looking for papers on one or several of the following topics:

  • Crisis events in the stock, real estate, exchange rate or credit markets, or the banking sector.
  • The determinants of the evolution of financial instability in the financial system or stock, real estate, exchange rate or credit markets.
  • The financial cycle or the joint movement between asset prices and credit aggregates.
  • The dependency of prices of local assets on international long-run trends.
  • Changes in regulation due to heightened financial instability or crises.
  • The link between commodity prices and terms of trade with the behaviour of stock, real estate, exchange rate or credit markets.

The journal ODEON (print ISSN 1794-1113; digital ISSN: 2346-2140) is an open-access academic publication focused on finance. It is aimed at researchers, academics and anyone interested in the analysis of issues on financial science. It is edited biannually by Universidad Externado de Colombia both in print and digital formats and includes articles both in Spanish and English.

The main goal of this publication is to contribute to the development of financial knowledge, as well as to promote the dissemination of original research results, both with a theoretical or an empirical approach related to the study and practice of this discipline.

Papers on every sub-field of finance are welcome, but editors privilege those that relate to quantitative finance, computational finance, applied stochastic processes for finance, corporate finance, real options and the history of finance and financial thought.

The journal is currently indexed in the following databases: Clase, Fuente Académica EBSCO, SSRN and the Open Journal System (OJS).

Articles must have a maximum length of 14,000 words, including footnotes and references. The citation must follow the APA guidelines. In their first submission, the editors will receive articles in any format (Word or PDF) and will not enforce specific rules regarding font characteristics or pagination. At this stage, images and tables can be included in the document. Once the article has passed a double-blind peer review process (2 reviewers) and has been accepted for publication, authors will be asked to adjust the article so that it complies with the journal´s guidelines for authors.

Deadline for submission of papers: October 31st, 2020

Articles must be emailed to

German Forero-Laverde & Mauricio Avellaneda Hortúa, editors of the special issue

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