Conference: Money as a Democratic Medium 2.0

A bit more than a year ago, many of us gathered at the Conference on Money as a Democratic Medium.  We aimed at a territory that is critical to political communities:  the design of money and credit, understood as collective projects that configure much of material life and political power, along with economic norms, social practices, and conceptual space.  The Conference began a conversation that many participants wanted to continue and expand. 

In response, we are happy to announce that the Conference on Money as a Democratic Medium will return to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2020.  Tentative dates are December 4th and 5th at Harvard Law School; with luck (and funding), we hope that the Conference will become a biennial event.   

As at the first conference, MDM 2.0 invites work that explores money, its institutions and practices, as well as the conceptual and disciplinary approaches we take to it. We are interested in how societies have innovated, debated, and changed those structures.  We welcome work on reform and responsibility, given our profound legal and political obligations to evaluate the dynamics of the monetary and financial system, including how that system sorts access to money and credit, how monetary design supports or undermines democratic practice, and how that design engenders growth, mobility and opportunity, or dearth and exclusion.  We include a wide range of methodologies from law to history, economics and anthropology to philosophy.

More info via Christine Desan:

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