New history of finance publication: Boom, Bust, and Beyond. New Perspectives on the 1720 Stock Market Bubble

The year 2020 is the tercentenary of the Mississippi Bubble and the South Sea Bubble. Find out more about these 1720 stock market bubbles in the brand new publication entitled ‘New history of finance publication:  Boom, Bust, and Beyond. New Perspectives on the 1720 Stock Market Bubble’.  

A lot of research has been done on the 1720 stock market bubble. Yet, over the last couple of years historians of various stripes have been bringing new perspectives on these iconic episodes. This resulted in a volume edited by Stefano Condorelli and Daniel Menning. The volume revisits the 1719-20 stock market bubble from pan-European and even global perspectives, drawing on fresh archival research and adopting new approaches that challenge traditional interpretations. The chapters engage with the geographical frame of the 1719-20 bubbles;  their social, cultural, economic and political impacts across Europe; the ways in which contemporaries understood speculation; the contributions and impact of a diverse array of actors; popular and print memorialization of the events. Overall, the volume helps to rewrite the history of the 1719–20 bubbles and to reassess their importance within eighteenth-century Europe. Read the full publication to learn more about the different innovative perspectives on the 1720 stock market bubble. The publication can be bought online

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