Annual Conference of the Dutch-Belgian society for eighteenth century studies, 2021: Making Sense of Finance

The annual conference of 2021 is all about the history of finance. 2020 marks the 300-year anniversary of the 1720 South Sea Bubble, a turning point in the history of finance. Starting in France, England and the Low Countries, the bubbles left their mark on Europe and beyond. They also sparked a wide public debate on the value and dangers of speculation. Far more than a financial incident, the bubbles prompted all kinds of cultural anxiety. The many pamphlets, plays and prints, some of which were collected in The Great Mirror of Folly, attest to this and served not only to ridicule, but also to make sense of finance.

Postponed due to COVID, this conference explores the many social, cultural and economic dimensions of the history of finance and crisis in the 18th century. On March 10 and 11, Dror Wahrman will provide a keynote lecture, and international scholars will give presentations The conference is followed by an online programme on March 12 (organized, in collaboration with De Nederlandse Bank) and a digital performance of a Bubble-play by Theater de Kwast.

Registration and more information about the programme is available here: Jaarcongres | Annual Conference 2021: Making Sense of Finance | (

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