The aim of the History of Finance website and network is to facilitate an international and interdisciplinary scholarly exchange on financial history and the culture of finance. This website aims to create a space for researchers and practitioners to engage, exchange ideas and post about activities in the field. By creating a hub for groups and work from various disciplines, we hope to present various, and also new perspectives financial history.

The network and associated blog is run by:

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Koji Yamamoto (University of Tokyo)

Research interests:

South Sea Bubble; Investor Experience; Speculation; Behavioral Finance

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Anne L. Murphy (University of Hertfordshire) 

Research interests:

Financial Institutions; Investment Behavior; Bank of England; Financial Information; Financial Built Heritage

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Inger Leemans (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Research interests:

Cultural Economics; Stock Market; Behavioral Finance; Affective Economies; Financial Built Heritage



Catherine Labio (University of Colorado Boulder)

Research interests:

Finance and Culture; Bubbles in Literature & Art; 1720; John Law; The Cultural Dimensions of the Mississippi Bubble; Het groote Tafereel der dwaasheid (The Great Mirror of Folly)


Florence Magnot-Ogilvy, Université de Rennes 2

Version 2

Research interests:

Financial Bubbles in literature & art; Gender and finance ; representations of money and transaction in eighteenth century novels and theatre.

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